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General presentation


Clinique du Tonkin opened in 1974 and is one of the largest private hospitals in Lyon area and covers an extremely large array of medical and surgical specialties. It belongs to Capio group since 2006.  In 2016 Clinique du Tonkin treated 12 600 inpatients, 16 000 outpatients, performed 900 birth deliveries and handled 21000 emergency cases.


Clinique du Tonkin is currently being rebuilt in a nearby location. From December 2018, patients will be welcome in a brand new environment-friendly facility, allowing further synergies with the implementation of modern medicine principles.

The facility will also shelter a Rehabilitation Center, sometimes needed after heavy surgeries.



The facility provides a complete and state-of-the-art environment to support the Medical teams:

  • 24/7 emergencies services including a dedicated area for hand wounds emergencies
    • Intensive & continuous care Department including a dedicated area for Cardiology
    • State of the significant diagnostic services (biology, imaging…)
  • Mini-invasive surgical equipment in digestive, spine, orthopaedics, cardiac specialties …
    • 2 Coronary angiogram & angioplasty operating rooms
    • 1 hybrid operating room
    • Da Vinci © Surgical Robot
    • Hansen Surgical Robot (the Hospital is the first European Center for cardiac rythm pathologies
    • Extra Corporeal Circulation for cardiac surgeries
  • Dialysis Center
  • 24/7 presence of an anaesthesiologist and cardiologist

Certification, Quality & security


The Hospital is certified by the “Haute Autorité de Santé », the French national certification Body with “A” grades in areas as critical as Pain management, Infectious risk, Medical file traceability, Hospital-acquired infection prevention, Proper antibiotics use, Hand hygiene and Multi Resistant Bacteria.

Patient satisfaction is closely monitored and was 99% for day care surgery in 2016 (4 974 respondents; “% of patients globally satisfied by their stay”).


Medical teams expertise


The hospital gathers leading surgical teams in various areas such as cardiac surgery (with low-invasive treatments), digestive surgery (with colon and gallbladder), spine surgery (with Disco-lumbar Hernia), vascular surgery (with day care endoprosthesis), interventional cardiology (with coronary arteriogram and angioplasty), …

In 2016 the hospital performed the “first” French day care Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation surgery (“TAVI”), which was granted a National Prize.

Last but not least, the “SOS Hands” department handles 24/7 emergencies as well as elective surgeries.

Clinique du Tonkin is regularly mentioned within the latest Honor Roles of French mainstream Press (Le Point 2017, L’Express 2015). Below, latest honoured specialties at national level:


·         Cardiac Surgery (8)

·         Carotid Surgery (25)

·         Cholecystecomy (19)

·         Appendicectomy (27)

·         Artery Surgery (7)

·         Spine Surgery (37)

·         Hand Emergency Surgery (6)


Special interests for International Patients


The complete technical environment combined with medical expertise constitutes the high secured and performing care service a patient can expect.

“Enhanced Recovery After Surgery” principles, known as “RRAC ©” in France will also allow the international patient to better recover earlier, reducing to the minimum the length of stay in the hospital.

If you are an individual interested in getting treatment at our facility and have not yet been in contact with a facilitator, please note that Capio has engaged a close collaboration with the following companies based in France:


Indeed we do not handle direct requests from patients except if they are addressed by an insurance or a facilitator we have partnership with.


Contact details


Clinique du Tonkin is located in Villeurbanne, a 5-minute walk away from Lyon.

Capio Clinique du Tonkin, 26 – 36 rue du Tonkin, 69626 Villeurbanne cedex


Website :

International contact:



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